Technical Support

Are you currently using FieldService360 or HRMSSoft ?

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By outsourcing your support you will get:
  • Dedicated support team
  • Excellent customer service
  • Dedicated Salesforce portal to login, track and monitor the tickets.
  • Dedicated Engagement Manager who will be your point of contact for all escalations.
  • Industry proven Support Process
BiznusSoft Support Options:

A Biznussoft wholly owned support unit to help customers maximize the value of BiznusSoft solutions. BiznusSoft provides three support options for its customers: Total Care, Advanced Care and Core Care. Below are the details on the Support Packages.

Support Features Total Care Advanced Care Core Care
Case Limit/Month Unlimited 25-50 0-25
Initial Response Time
  • 4 hrs for P-1
  • 16 hrs for P-2
  • 24 hrs for P-3
  • 8 hrs for P-1
  • 24 hrs for P-2
  • 48 hrs for P-3
  • 8 hrs for P-1
  • 24 hrs for P-2
  • 72 hrs for P-3
Live Phone Support 24x7 8 AM - 12 AM CST 7 AM - 7 PM CST
Toll Free Access
Maintenance Support
 Email/Web based Support
Dedicated Support Resource
Dedicated Offshore Developer 40 hr/week 20 hr/week
Available Date 01/01/15 12/01/14 Active for BiznusSoft customers
Cost 18% of Net license Revenue [Required Minimum Support fee of $2,500/month] 12% of Net license Revenue [Required Minimum Support fee of $1,500/month] FREE for BiznusSoft customers

* Adequate knowledge transfer is expected from the client at a fixed cost.

Contacting Support

  1. Customer may designate up to two primary contacts. For Total and Advanced Care, Customer may also designate one alternative backup for each Primary Customer Contact. Customer shall provide BiznusSoft a list of its Customer Contacts as well as updates to that list as appropriate.
  2. Customer Contact can communicate with BiznusSoft support as follows:
  3. Support is available based upon applicable support option excluding BiznusSoft Holidays.

Response Levels

BiznusSoft will respond to submitted cases as follows:

Priority Definition Response Level


  • The BiznusSoft Products on the production system is not accessible or operational.
Initial response within 4 - 8 business hours of case submittal, depending on the support package, The designated Customer Contact will be updated daily regarding progress during business hours.
P2 - High/Medium


    The BiznusSoft Suite on the production system is operational but experiencing A major functional loss that impedes transactions from being completed.
Initial response within 8 - 24 business hours of case submittal depending on the support package. For Total (or) Advanced, the designated Customer Contact will be updated regarding progress.
P3 - Low/Cosmetic

Necessary, Minor issue or Enhancement request:

  1. BiznusSoft Product's on the production system is experiencing a functional loss that does not significantly impedes transactions from being completed but that affects performance or user quality
  2. Development /test system is experiencing a major functional loss that impedes transactions from being completed not accessible or operational
  3. The Suite has a cosmetic or other minor error that does not affect its performance or functionality, Customer questions regarding use of the Suite.
Initial response within 24 - 72 business hours of case submittal depending on the support package.
Enhancements Request for new features /enhancements that do not currently exist in the Suite
  • BiznusSoft will analyze the new feature requests submitted by the customer and either
  • 1). Include it on the roadmap (or)
  • 2). Suggest work arounds/alternatives.

Customer Responsibility

  1. Customer shall cooperate with BiznusSoft Support team and provide relevant information to enable BiznusSoft to reproduce, troubleshoot and resolve the error.
  2. Customer shall designate at least one primary IT/Business contact and one backup IT contact.
  3. Customer designated contacts must be knowledgeable on fundamentals of application.
  4. Customer will make all necessary arrangements to address and resolve all IT issues include issues relating to Customer's hardware, software, desktop setup, network, and all other technical issue

Note: If you have needs/requirements that fall under these excluded Services list, contact us so that we will give you a call and provide you with a custom quote.